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February 2018

Seed Potatoes all £1.80/kg

Earlies: Arran Pilot, Casablanca, Duke of York, Foremost, Lady Christl, Maris Bard, Colleen (organic), Pentland Javelin, Red Duke of York, Rocket, Sharpe's Express, Swift, Winston

2nd Earlies: Catriona, Divaa, Estima, Kestrel, Marfona, Maris Peer, Nadine, Wilja

Mains: Cara, Carolus, Desiree, King Edward, Maris Piper, Mozart, Robinta (organic), Pentland Crown, Picasso, Pink Gypsy, Rooster, Setanta, Vales Sovereign

Salads: Anya, Charlotte, Jazzy, Nicola, Pink Fir Apple

Loose Solent Wight Garlic, Runner Beans (Crusader, Enorma, Polestar), Arista Banana Shallots, Peas (Early Onward, Hurst Green Shaft) and Broad Beans (Aquadulce Claudia, Bunyards Exhibition) are in. More shallots (Golden Gourmet & Red Sun) and onion sets (Sturon, Stuttgarter, Red Baron) due in next week.


The Shed Cafe

The Shed Cafe has its very own web page so please have a look at the sample menus there. Now serving hot lunches 7 days a week.